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Good Vibes by Cara Malone


Crazy ass setting, great chemistry and likeable, root-able for MCs with zero unnecessary conflict and angst.

Libby Groman own a female-centric adult sex toy store, Good Vibes. She is colourful, sweet and a little clueless when it comes down to business and things like purchase orders and electric bills. Her mom, sex therapist Cora Leigh, supports her financially when need arises but is about to retire and Libby needs to get things in order fast. Which means business-y things like strategizing and planning and concepts like ‘inventory control’ and ‘sales goals’. Theo Kostas is a social media marketing ace and strategizing happens to be one of her specialities. However, Theo is agoraphobic and suffers from extreme anxiety. Her sister, Penny, and best friend, Andie, keep trying to get Theo out a little more while being supportive at the same time. During one ‘take-Theo-out’ venture, Theo finds herself in Libby’s store. Libby is instantly attracted, but no dice. Theo turns up at the shop the next day because Andie had left her phone behind the previous day. Theo and Libby start a tentative connection and Theo offers Libby help with her shop.

Libby and Theo are instantly likeable. One of the best things about the book is that both MCs have their own emotional problems and insecurities (Theo’s more evident, but Libby’s insecurities are also spelt out later) and thankfully, they do not choose to make things more difficult than they need to be by locking the other out, or by being rude, nasty, cold and suchlike. Instead they speak about their problems upfront, accept support and help from the other and make an effort to move out of their comfort zones and beyond themselves for the other. The attraction and chemistry are great and the romance builds at just the right pace.

This is a simple feel-good romance for a comfortable Sunday afternoon.   



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