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Living by Lise Gold


We love unabashed, sappy romances. The sappier, the better. And this one is pretty much a lot of sap with a good mix of a well-defined MC with an excellent character arc.

Ella Temperley is a world famous actress who’d been pushed into the entertainment business (along with her twin sister, Helena) by their mother while they were still toddlers. Helena (described as ‘braver’ than Ella) chucked it all to go to New York and study. Helena dies in a freak accident and Ella is completely unable to cope. Neither therapy nor medicines help Ella and she is at such a low that she decides to end it all by walking into the sea. Just before losing consciousness, Ella realises that she actually wants to live. Cam Saunders, a yoga teacher who owns a yoga studio, lives by the sea. She notices the young woman walking into the water and instinctively reacts – rushing into the storm-tossed sea to save the stranger. Cam recognises Ella and promises to keep silent about the whole incident. Ella goes back into therapy with a therapist Cam recommends. With support from the therapist, Ella starts taking steps towards claiming her life and happiness.

This story is entirely about Ella and her character arc. Cam is the perfect romantic foil – but despite excellent chemistry and romance, Cam remains a foil because you’re mostly invested in Ella. Ella is immediately endearing. She nestles into a place held for sweetness and guilelessness. Given that the book is about Ella’s trajectory from depression to happiness, there is no unnecessary conflict built into the well-paced romance. The relationship between the MCs builds nicely and remains steady and supportive.  

This book reminded us of Breathless by Sarah Sanders inasmuch both are:

  • About actresses
  • Don’t have conflict between the MCs
  • Aren’t built around pressurizing the actress into coming out
  • The MC (actress) does not care about hiding her relationship or her sexuality

We absolutely loved Breathless and thoroughly enjoyed this one too. Definitely read it to get all heart-eyed.



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