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Love Bound by Jenny Bloom

This one is unmitigated, utter rubbish. Unfathomable attraction with no basis, unbelievable situations, unrealistic, stilted dialogues…there is nothing to redeem it.

Penny Larson is a poor, little rich girl. Her father, Daniel Larson, wants her to take over his mega-successful filmmaking company but Penny wants to be an actress. Jessie Perkins is some sort of a gossip journalist who is unbelievably well-paid. Jessie crashes into a party and is snooping around for dirt about Daniel Larson and is handed over all information about his forthcoming projects by Penny. After that Penny tracks Jessie down to offer to be her informant in exchange for Jessie’s company. What?

We’re not even sure about what Penny’s reasons are though there is a lot – a LOT – of evil father drama put in. As for Penny’s attraction to Jessie? There is nothing even likeable about Jessie! In fact, she turns cruel when Penny is in her worst nightmare. Okay, so Penny is not completely bad – and that is the best thing we can say about this disaster.  

We don’t take umbrage with grammatical lapses and typos but inconsistencies in the plot are unforgiveable. So there is this one character, Jessie’s boss, who has something personal against the Larson’s because that one time her and Penny were classmates and he had a crush on her. And then when he meets Penny, they are strangers to each other. There are also instances when we’re not quite sure who is actually saying the dialogue.

Avoid this one actively. 

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