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Other Girls by Avery Brooks

⭐⭐⭐⭐ The title and the cover almost made us think that this is a paranormal story, but it turns out that this is amongst the best en...

Fireflies by Lise Gold (Audiobook)


Some books are meant to be read, not heard. They are meant to be experiences and visualised by the reader. The tones of the characters, the textures of their relationship are best experienced reading. This is certainly one of them.

Mia Donoghue is the senior purser in an Emeriti airline. Ava Alfarsi has joined the airline recently. They have mad attraction at first sight. They spend an evening with the rest of the crew, but connect a little more. On the layover during the next flight, they discover unexpected, but shared, vulnerabilities about each other. They both are recovering alcoholics. This secret, which no one else in their lives knows about, knits them closer. They start spending more and more time together and the relationship grows.

Both the MCs are absolutely lovely. Their relationship develops at an even pace and the attraction is palpable. The struggles with fighting off alcoholism are realistically depicted. The sex scenes are great. Thankfully, no forced conflict in this one. Just love and support.


Yes, there is a but. We heard this one instead of reading it. And we feel that marred our experience a great deal. Had we read it, this would’ve been a 4+.

We surely recommend this book – but please read it.


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