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Reservations of the Heart by T.B. Markinson


We really want to like Markinson’s books way more than we do. Really, really. She is a talented writer. The flow and pacing in her books is great. The dialogues are funny. One of the MCs is usually awesome. The problem always lies with the second MC who plain sucks.

Aurora Shirley is a 29-year-old non-relationship kind of person. Her best friend and roommate is about to get married and harrying her to find a date for the wedding. She has just found out that she was conceived by sperm donation and feels her loving parents have lied to her all her life plus her father needs a kidney transplant. She used to want to be a nurse but a teacher broke her confidence and made her feel not smart enough to follow her dream. In the midst of all the drama of her life, Aurora get a temp job in the Scheduling department, which is in a complete disarray, of a college attached to a hospital. Dr. Stella Gilbert attached with the same organisation, is a kidney transplant specialist and has taken additional course co-ordination duties. A marriage that ended because her wife, Kim, cheated on her has left her burnt and she has made her life around her daughter, Kenzie (who is Kim’s primary responsibility) and sister, Rosie. Sparks between Aurora and Stella fly, both express that they do not want a relationship, and they get into what Stella describes as ‘an arrangement’.

Aurora with her incessant flirting is hot and funny. The fact she embraces her feelings enough to go out on a limb makes us root for her. Then there is Stella. Closed, Hurtful. Jealous for no reason. Unwilling to reach out. And all round quite terrible. In fact her insane jealously and constant suspicion of her partner (first Kim and the Aurora) is appalling. If anyone has ever been with a jealous person who behaves the way Stella does, they know that such behaviour will most definitely make them have an affair. Plus, in her marriage she became emotionally and physically unavailable to Kim. She is a person you don’t want to really read about, especially as an MC in a romance. Especially because she seems to be singularly lucky with getting really loving and caring women (both Aurora and Kim) falling and being in love with her. There is way too much unfairness in the relationships that are totally skewed.

Like we said – we love the flow, pacing, style, dialogues and humour in Markinson’s writing – but the MC sucks. 


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