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Top of Her Game by M. Ullrich


Celebrity crush-to-lovers is slightly tricky to handle because making the fangirl and celebrity equals is not easy. Ullrich does that convincingly and with aplomb.

Kenzie Shaw a sought-after rookie is drafted by New Jersey Hurricanes which has Sutton Flores, a player she’s been crushing on since forever. Sutton is in a relationship with Rhea, who plays for another team, but is attracted to shy, quiet Kenzie from the start. Despite her own attraction to Sutton, Kenzie asks her to talk to Rhea before they start something. This is a nice kind of equality. Sutton is not particularly known for long-term relationships and her BFF in the team warns her that starting something with Kenzie could be detrimental to the team when things go south. But the attraction between Kenzie and Sutton cannot quite be contained. Kenzie unfortunately becomes subject of sexually predatory behaviour from one of the male support members of the team and things unravel professionally and personally.

The attraction and chemistry between the two MCs is fantastic. Their relationship is sweet. Kenzie – sweet, sweet Kenzie is just so lovely. Sutton starts of an ass, with her negligent behaviour with Rhea and the fact she’d led Rhea on for ever so long, but kind of starts redeeming herself in her relationship with Kenzie. But just when we thought Sutton is not a write-off, she pulls an awful one – she is cruel to Kenzie purportedly to protect the person she loves. We cannot quite understand the cruelty and unilateral decision-making in a relationship. It is lack of communication and smacks of a certain arrogance of knowing better. However, the author manages to write a lovely relationship between the two MCs with plenty of heat making us totally invested in them.

The whole conflict in this book is driven by the tragic and frightening reality of men running women’s sports and the way men shield other mem’s wrongdoings at the cost of the players, no matter how talented the players are. It is a sad fact that #MeToo still has a long way to go – and women need to take control of their spaces more.

This is a thoroughly engaging read with a moony-eye-worthy MC in Kenzie.


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