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Undone by Bryce Oakley


Billie Rush is a singer and songwriter. Her band, The Shrikes, had a successful first album but two years thence, there’s no progress on the next one because her co-band-member-cum-co-songwriter, her sister, Domino has a writer’s block. Vero De Luca, daughter of a famous singer-star, Felix Lucas, has just quit her band, UltraViolet, and is about to launch her solo career. Billie is approached to co-write a song with Vero for Vero’s launch album. Billie is not sure she wants to do it, but finally agrees. Both the girls have reservations about the other and the going is not so great. Vero has a lot of ghosts haunting her from the past plus she is feeling undermined but lack of complete faith in her talent and abilities from her label. So she has a lot to get over and a lot to prove.

The premise of the book is very interesting. Most of it is also excellent. However, at some point the pacing gets a little off especially with regard to the feelings of the MCs for each other. Dom’s ‘protective’ behaviour is not at all understandable. Vero comes across as honest, vulnerable and an emotional person. Billie doesn’t exactly cover herself in glory as an understanding or supportive partner. Vero is really the only one working on that relationship.

On the whole, an okay read.


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