Sugar & Spice by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This one is super short, super cute and super hot. Princess Aurora has just been formally made the Crown Princess of her c...

Finding Sky by Cass Sellars


Plenty of tropes in this one: office romance; boss - employee; rich girl – poor girl; serial dater – relationship burnt therefore relationship shy.

Jess Ivan is the owner of Ivan Associates (IA), a company started by her father. The organisation has a mission of giving back to the community and doing good – an ideal that does not completely jell with outside partners and maybe even some employees. Skylar Addison is the new accounting manager in IA, a position she’d applied for thrice before she got called for an interview. Skylar is intelligent, dedicated and thorough. While going through the invoices she discovers that something doesn’t add up and follows that to find out what.

This is a middle-of-the-road romance with a lot of focus on the mad attraction between the MCs. Jess, unfortunately, comes across as spoilt, entitled and careless. In the beginning, Jess is involved with Whitney without feeling anything for her. So essentially Jess is leading Whitney on and using her for sex. Reason enough for us to dislike her instantly. Also, she just doesn’t seem to be either supportive or appreciative of Skylar’s work and efforts. When Skylar first brings up the discrepancies, Jess doesn’t seem to take it seriously enough. In fact, towards the second half of the book, when there is a conflict between the two and Skylar is explaining things she’s uncovered, all Jess can think of is the sexual attraction she is feeling for Skylar. That is not particularly appreciative of Skylar’s efforts or respect for her work. So Jess is quite a fail as a person and an MC. While their HEA seems questionable, the fact that Skylar has a not-so-great past makes it seem like they might last. Plus Skylar shows assertiveness in strong, positive ways. So she works as a MC you can root for.

We’d quite liked Unexpected Lightening by this author and were hoping for more of the great chemistry, sex and intrigue – but this one is more a miss than a hit.


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