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Other Girls by Avery Brooks

⭐⭐⭐⭐ The title and the cover almost made us think that this is a paranormal story, but it turns out that this is amongst the best en...

Never Knew Until You by L.E. Royal


This book has an atmosphere thick with sex surrounded with emotion. In a story that starts off with seeking submission for empowerment after divorce we expected BDSM and kink, but the romance, chemistry and emotions were a huge – huge – plus.

At 40, Parker Freeman’s life is in shambles. After serial-cheating, Parker’s wife, Amanda has divorced her for a younger woman. Parker spends altogether too much time online in forums of recently divorced people trying to find a way to deal with the dissolution of her life. In one such forum she finds a recommendation for The Pandora Agency. Parker visits the agency’s website and finds that it purports to help people find themselves through submission. Fairly vanilla, Parker finds some things interesting but not quite for her. She’s egged on by her bestie, Marion, to give the whole thing a whirl. Hesitantly and nervously, Parker agrees to meet a domme, Miss Diaz. Miss Diaz turns out to be Kristina Diaz, a 24-year-old. Parker is almost ashamed at the age gap and tries to flee from Kristina, who asks for 15 minutes before Parker decides one way or another. Those turn out to be life-altering 15 minutes for Parker and their ‘arrangement’ falls into place.

The connection, the chemistry and the draw between the MCs is fantastic. Their relationship is built beautifully. The characterisations are so very well done. Parker is all things lovely and Kristina is all things angsty – and the combination so, so works.

This is a wonderful romance – don’t let the BDSM aspect give you a second thought (it is mild – and Parker is quite a sassy sub) – go for it.


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