Breathless by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Short, sweet and sexy – we loved this book. Lara is a movie star whose career has crashed and burnt. She is in the throes o...

The House (ShudderCon #1) by Lily Craig


Rich girl-poor girl who are very divergent personalities have a moment in time together in this one.

Jacqueline Shea is the youngest of the Sheas who own a chain of hotels. The business was established by her grandfather but after him, only Jacqueline is really serious about looking after and growing the business. She is serious and hardworking which makes her the black sheep of the family and she is often treated as an outsider. To add to her ‘outsider’ status in the family, Jacqueline suspects that she is gay, but doesn’t know for sure. After studying hard and doing well in her studies, when time comes for her to join the family business, she is assigned Masquerade, a Halloween-themed Shea hotel in Las Vegas, which is treated as a joke and with disdain within the family. Jacqueline chafes at the way she is treated but takes what is dished out to her because so far she knows no other life. She is twenty-five and a part of her trust fund is available to her, though she’ll only get the rest of it at thirty. She comes to Vegas when ShudderCon is just starting in her hotel. As she is wallowing over a drink in the bar of the hotel, Trick or Treat, she meets Agatha Neumeier, a struggling writer, who is going to be on one of the panels. Jacqueline ends up exploring her suspected lesbian side with Agatha and then asks Agatha to be her guide to understanding the attraction of ShudderCon and the Halloween-themed property that is now under her care.

Jacqueline and Agatha start evenly but as the book progresses, Agatha keeps shrinking as a person while Jacqueline keeps growing better and better. Jacqueline is intelligent, vulnerable, willing-to learn and above all, really kind. We applaud the author for not ending this one in HEA (we never thought we’d ever make this statement). Instead of an HEA, the book ends with Jacqueline reconnecting with Agatha – and the future is open. We like to believe that Jacqueline makes a success of herself, starts her own business, gets the Sheas grovel to her to come back into the family fold and finds someone who matches her personality (definitely not Agatha).

More than a romance, this is a finding-herself book which is very, very readable.


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