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The Pages of Adeena: A Novel by C. M. Castillo


The premise of this book is intriguing: a love story where the MCs concurrent lives are actually in two different time periods and in two different continents.

Adeena Kahlo lives in Chicago. In 1952 she is an 18-year-old high-schooler with dreams of studying journalism in Vassar and becoming an author. She lives with her cousin Rachel and is surround with a happy, close-knit, loving family. Rachel, who is one half of a happy couple, sets Addie up on a blind-date with Alan. Addie goes along, not because she is interested (in fact she’s fairly certain that her interests lie elsewhere) and surprisingly gets along with Alan. Alan and Addie become friends and confess their alternative preferences to each other. One evening Alan takes Addie to a nightclub, Café du Temp an altogether strange place (one of the strange things are innumerable doors leading around the space), but in an intriguing rather than sinister way. At the club, Addie’s attention is drawn to and elegant woman, in her early twenties, who seems to be equally fascinated by Addie. She is Isabelle Androsko. Addie an Isabelle strike up a conversation and then Addie finds herself visiting the club by herself to be with Isabelle. As their relationship grows, Isabelle invites Addie to come home with her. Addie agrees, steps out of Isabelle’s door of the club and finds herself in Paris, 1911. The couple try to make sense of their situation and grapple with the impossibility of their circumstance while their attraction bubbles over.

Adeena and Isabelle are a lovely couple and their attraction towards each other is quite palpable. At some point we actually thought that the impossibility of their individual realities would mean that this one just couldn’t have an HEA (we are very happy to report that this has an HEA ending). In fact, we love the rediscovering part, like, a lot.

Yes, the book could’ve done with more even pacing and we really wish that the author hadn’t had Addie break Katie’s heart to underscore her passion for Isabelle (we really don’t want MCs to be heartbreakers) – but on the whole, this is an interesting read.


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