Sugar & Spice by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This one is super short, super cute and super hot. Princess Aurora has just been formally made the Crown Princess of her c...

High October by Elena Graf


We absolutely love the fact that the MCs are 58 and 60 in this one and have a second chance at HEA together after 40 years. This is such a realistic situation given the fact that the world was a very different place four decades back. So right away, huge points to the author for this.

Liz Stolz is a famous breast surgeon who retired from mainstream surgery and bought a family practise in a small town. While she is currently single, her past relationships still overlap into her world. Past relationships except for her first love, Maggie Fitzgerald. Liz and Maggie were roommates in college and shared a wonderful year of togetherness. Their affair came to an abrupt end when Maggie came out to her parents and faced an ultimatum. Forty years thence, Maggie comes into Liz’ clinic with a broken ankle. Time has not dimmed their attraction and the tentatively explore rebuilding what they had.

Liz is written as a large, giving, kind person with all sorts of stellar qualities but she just falls short on actual lovingness. Maggie on the other hand is flawed, tortured, wrong (in the past) but is so much more just completely into the relationship with Liz that their HEA seems to be ensured because of her. This one is not just romance and second chances. There is much more to it including health and family issues – all superbly paced and organically flowing. The flow of the narrative is one of the highlights (second only to Maggie).

This is a wonderful read. 


A Proper Cuppa Tea by K.G. MacGregor


Brilliantly written with dry wit running through every page, this romance is a great read.

As a child, Channing Hughes was summarily packed away by her mother to live with her grandfather in England. Years later, the grown up Channing works, or rather worked, in Boston. The end of an awfully one-sided, terrible affair with her married boss saw her leaving her job in a huff. Channing loses her beloved grandfather around the same time so newly single and newly jobless, Channing returns to England to claim her millions. Only, instead of millions she finds her finances quite diametrically the opposite. Her life as it is, is hardly at a point where she should be starting something new. But despite herself, Dr. Lark Latimer, who Channing first met on the flight to England makes her way into Channing’s life and heart.

Channing, with all her flaws, is a very endearing MC. She can be many things but always evokes affection and liking. Lara is one of those little pockets of ‘nice’. The connect and attraction between the two is bouncing and hard-to-miss. The pacing of the book is perfect. While the focus is the romance, there are so many more threads, all excellently followed, intertwined and concluded.

This is one excellent read.  


Forever Yours by Melissa Tereze


Okay, so there are some things really hard to digest in this one, in particular, the complete normalization of boss-subordinate sexual relations in a workplace.

Paisley Healy, an executive assistant, fell in love with her boss/owner of the firm, Georgina Weaver. Their relationship idyll ended when Georgina disappeared without as much as a goodbye. Current day Paisley is now in a colleagues-with-benefits relationship with her current boss, Victoria Walsh. When they are in the midst of an intimate encounter in the office, albeit out of office hours, Georgia walks in on them. She has returned without any fanfare after three (or so years). So then there is this whole they love each other, shouldn’t can’t be together with a mix of death-threat from Paisley’s Mafioso father in the past that had caused their separation. And yes, it felt like Georgina was constantly…constantly…crying.

This book felt like drama for drama’s sake without eliciting any sympathy for Georgina despite the author’s best efforts. Paisley is okay, and that is simply because she is the better of the two MCs. Georgina is supposed to be a badass, much-feared, much-revered boss -- but nobody seems to be in any awe of her and she seems quite ineffectual. While we cannot call this outright WTF or bad, we did wish we had invested the time spent on this one elsewhere. 


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