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Bend For Me by Jessica Yeh

Avery Bennett’s ex cheated on her and that is reason enough for her to become a player. Never mind that the ex was male and she is on a spree to go through women. Avery’s supportive best friend inveigles her into attending a yoga class. The yoga instructor, Kadence Cooper, turns out to be one irresistible woman. Avery lays it thick on her and seems to have met her match.

So, here is a confession: Avery is just so awful, disgusting, crude and lewd that we just couldn’t fathom how anyone would want to have even a conversation with her. Then there is a point when she almost attacks Kadence in a closet. If it was a male character instead of a female, it would’ve been a rape scene. At this, we actually abandoned the book. However, Kadence is such a great character that after a few days we returned to the book to know who it works out for her.

The second half of the book (after the attack) is all about Avery trying to redeem herself, but we still failed to see the attraction or any appeal in her. Even in the second half, Avery doesn’t become any less smug or irritating. Kadence with her awesomeness (not to mention delightful flirting skills) should’ve got someone more deserving of her.

The character (Avery) completely kills this book which may have had possibility.

A definite NO to this one. 

PS: While the book is half-a-star, Kadence is definitely 5 star!

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