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Lost & Found: A Mystic Meteor Tale by Elle Hyden


The absolutely gorgeous cover of this book is just perfect for this contemporary-merging-elements-of-slipstream book.

At around forty, botanist Selina Thorson has just been dumped (again) and is also out of work. But Selina has just one dream – to find the perfect someone for herself. A series of failed relationships hasn’t made her cynical. Drawing on her Native American roots and beliefs, Selina reaches out to her dead grandmother with her wish. Realta (Rea) Tobin lost her wife, Sherry, after almost a quarter of a century together. Sherry and Rea had a vision of sustainable, organic living and Rea is making that vision a reality – albeit alone. Selina applies for the job of botanist in response to Rea’s ad and she lands the job. The women are instantly attracted to each other, but a myriad of reasons – primarily nonacceptance of her own body – make Rea wary and keep a distance from Selina. However, there are a triad of women who love Selina and Rea working hard to bring them together.

The characters are widely inclusive with Irish, Native American and Hispanics peopling the narrative. The pacing of the book is steady and unhurried. The descriptions, so detailed and rich that you can visualise every single character (including the animals), experience every space (indoor and outdoor) and practically taste every food item that they characters partake. But of all things described, we are totally in love with Rea’s farm and believe that it should become some sort of a blueprint for all agriculturists.

We thoroughly enjoyed the serious interfering-ness, almost bordering on puckish, of the ethereal triumvirate working overtime to bring the MCs together. While that overlay was interesting, the reality is that everybody talks to their dear departed. Everyone looks for signs and often finds them too. Spirituality and mysticism may not be overtly expressed but are inherent. So this aspect works too.

The attraction and slow burn is built so well that by the time they kiss for the first time, we were practically bursting for it. We love that both MCs are 40+ but are even more taken by the body-image issues that are raised. The obsession with beautiful = slim is really damaging to individual psyche and can take a toll on relationships too – something that is brought up in no uncertain terms in the book.

This is a lovely read.

PS: Though not directly about the story, the acknowledgements are worth a read. The author thanks a Facebook group and a number of published and unpublished authors who have built a community of support that cheers each member on giving every kind of support needed. That is just so heartening. 


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