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Passionate Rivals by Radclyffe, Narrated by Lori Prince (Audiobook)


Set in a hospital (Radclyffe’s favourite setting), this is filled with all the things you can expect from Radclyffe – frenetic pace of patients arriving in the hospital, highly competent and competitive doctors, butch-femme pairing.

A sudden budget cut forces Franklin Medical Centre to shut down its internship programme. The displaced interns are absorbed by other hospitals, one of the biggest being PMC. Sydney Stevens, in her last year as an intern who had been in line for chief resident, is one of the Franklin interns and finds herself in the unenviable position of starting from zero in a new environment. Emmett McCabe is the blue-eyed girl at PMC and almost certain to be appointed chief resident. She is shocked by the new development especially with Syd. Years ago, Emmett and Syd were in another prestigious hospital and Syd was a year ahead of Emmett, which means that Syd shouldn’t be a fourth year now. they’d also had an all-too-brief fling but Syd had disappeared without a word. Emmett still harbours feeling for Syd who is extremely closed and guarded on the personal level.

The audiobook is narrated by Lori Prince who does a great job with voices for the multitude of characters in the book. The story, while not earthshakingly different, is wholly engaging and kept us hooked throughout. The ending was a little too quick and way too neat and easy in terms of resolution of Syd’s and Emmett’s race towards being named chief resident. We really, really liked Syd.

On the whole, one of the better audiobooks we’ve heard – in both, content and narration.


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