Breathless by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Short, sweet and sexy – we loved this book. Lara is a movie star whose career has crashed and burnt. She is in the throes o...

Temptation by Kris Bryant


Cute nannies and hot bosses seem to really fire authors’ imaginations for romance with various degrees of success. This one totally kills it giving us the whole aww-shucks wash of romance that kept us smiling goofily long after finishing the book.

Twenty-eight year old Cassie Miller ‘s parents are completely disappointed in their daughter when she drops out of med school after a year and chooses to pursue environmental studies. They cut her off and the hitherto financially well-off Cassie is in a financial fix. She becomes a nanny to earn money while continuing studies. Handling one nightmare child with patience and humour leads her to a much better situation – nanny to sweet six-year-old Noah, son of ice-hot multi-millionaire Brook Wellington, COO of the Wellington businesses in grocery stores and import-export. Brook is kind, fair but professional and private. Not that it stops Cassie’s attraction from blossoming into a crush.

Cassie is cute, confident and sweet. Her relationship with her supportive Nana is heart-warming. Her ability to connect with both the kids she is nanny to is believable and impressive. She is written her age and quite realistically finds other women also attractive while nursing the kernel of her crush on her professionally distant boss. But it is Brook who floored us. We’d expected a cold, curt and maybe even cruel Ice Queen blowing hot and blowing cold. But Bryant totally thrilled us by making Brook absolutely likeable to start and outright lovable as the story progressed. Brook is unwaveringly nice, considerate, polite and kind during the whole slow burn phase and once she is in, she is all in. There is nothing half-hearted or cagey about her involvement with Cassie. She doesn’t try to hide, doesn’t have second thoughts, doesn’t emotionally withdraw and doesn’t get cowed down by her older sister’s judgement and bitchiness. We love characters (like Elle Britton, Ika, Keegan, Lara, Sabran, Sonja, Kat, Mia Andersson, Grace Frost, Kendall, Blair -- amongst many others) who are open, honest and do not play mind- and emotion-games creating unnecessary angst. Cassie and Brook have great chemistry and we loved the sex scenes too.

This one is Romance Central and completely recommended.  

PS: We wish the whole Nana track had played out a little differently.

PPS: We are a little confused as to why the Wellington family business is called ‘global shipping empire’ in the synopsis while it is grocery stores and import-export in the book. 


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