Jump Then Fall by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ An unabashed, unapologetic romance with lots and lots of sizzling, superhot sex. Yummy! Ika and Ree work in a multinati...

Unexpected by Jenny Frame


This one is the kind of romance that hard-core romantics pine for. Though the premise starts off as something of a romcom, this is a straight-up romance.

Dale McGuire is a happily single business-owner who enjoys mingling. With her own scars from the past, Dale’s business partners are also her closest friends and perhaps her only family. Things are moving as usual for her when life as she know is it upended when a ten-year old boy turns up at her garage saying that she is his ‘other mum’ and that she needs to help their family, especially is mummy. Dale takes the child back home and sees the very gorgeous, very pregnant Rebecca Harper. Fiercely private, Becca is struggling with a difficult pregnancy and trying to make ends meet. Becca has a lot of terrible experiences in her past and is scared that Dale has come to take her child away. She freezes Dale and sends her packing. But Dale tries to find ways to help Becca and also reassure her that her children are safe.

As with all Jenny Frame’s books, the pairing is super-butch and super-femme, but this is the first one in which it didn’t bother us. Usually extremely butch and heavily masculine-presenting MCs make us seriously wonder why the femme MC is gay at all. But that is probably just us. However, this is one book where the dynamic really, really worked. Dale with her gentle persistence and tender caring is perfect for the strong yet vulnerable and disturbed Becca. We also really, really liked that a situation that could’ve blown into an ego-issue-leading-to-conflict was not given that power. Instead, that situation is dealt with in the most perfect way that love should react.

This one is perfect for die-hard romantics. 


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