Jump Then Fall by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ An unabashed, unapologetic romance with lots and lots of sizzling, superhot sex. Yummy! Ika and Ree work in a multinati...

The Scent of Rome by Lise Gold


Love, love, love the title. And the book so totally lives up to the lovely title.

Nadine Costa is a high-end escort, which means dating but no touching and definitely no sex. She’s approaching thirty, retirement age from her current profession. Early for one of her ‘dates’ she meets a beguiling young lady, Rome Foster, who’s come for an interview with potential investors for her app. The two strike up a conversation in which Nadine shares the nature of her ‘date’ right before realising that Rome is a participant of the evening’s meeting. With tacit agreement, neither mentions the fact that Nadine is in fact an escort and before the evening is over there is a bit more bonding between them than expected – enabled by one lascivious man in the group and some well-timed statements by Nadine which help Rome’s efforts.

Nadine is quite taken by the ‘straight’ Rome and offers to play guide to her for the next couple of days. The sparks between them are undeniable and despite her protestations about being straight, Rome is entirely into Nadine and unexpectedly relishes her flirtations.  

Rome gets her funding and moves to her namesake city and their relationship develops.

Nadine and Rome are engaging from word go. Nadine is crush-worthy and Rome is woo-worthy. The chemistry between them is off the charts which comes to awesomely satisfying fruition first in the sex scenes and more fully in the depth of their emotion towards each other.

We loved the respect, support and interest that Nadine and Rome had for each other’s work. First Nadine never hid or apologised for her job as an escort and after an initial faux pas, Rome didn’t bother about hiding Nadine or her work from her new colleagues either. Gold has created two impressively original ideas for both her leading ladies work-wise. Besides her job as an escort, Nadine is a perfumer. The impressive originality in Nadine’s work as a perfumer is the line she’s working on. Similarly, Rome is an app developer, but the app she has created to measure an individual’s carbon footprint is fabulous. We’re not sure if something like that already exists, but are convinced that it should exist.

Besides the two winsome leads and their fantastic relationship, there is Gold’s description of places – Rome in this case. We believe that Gold has actually travelled to each place she writes about, has experienced it all and shares the best parts of each new place in ways that make it irresistible. With this one, we felt frenwah for Rome. (Fernweh is a German word that translates as ​‘farsickness’ and refers to ​“feeling homesick for a place you've never been or could never go.”)

Thankfully, there is no angst created between Nadine and Rome in their relationship. The conflict and drama comes from outside their relationship in a #MeToo scenario. We wish all women who have ever been harassed or abused by men (in power particularly) received the kind of quick resolution as they did in this one. But then fiction is free to create utopia and we can hope it comes to pass in real life at some point too.

All in all, this one is most definitely recommended. 


Always More (Sports Series #1) by Nicole Pyland


Low on angst, pure romance with two utterly pleasant leading ladies makes this a great little read.

Wyatt Wicked is a leading volleyball player in the world. She’s “the most sought after volleyball player in the world, male or female”. Since ladies volleyball doesn’t have a league of its own stateside, Wicked has spent years being a part of teams in Europe and South America. But now the US is taking its first baby step into creating a woman’s volleyball league and Wicked’s charisma is the biggest factor and draw for this happening. Everly Holman had a promising career as a volleyball player but on the way to her very first match she had a serious accident and multiple injuries put paid to that avenue. She trained in psychology and sports psychology is her dream posting now. On her way to the interview, Everly and Wicked literally bump into each other and under the little sniping, there is a load of attraction there.

Everly gets the job but resists the girl. With Wicked being the star player of the team and Everly being the team psychologist, all sorts of lines would be crossed, not to mention a possible conflict of interest.

Both the ladies are immediately delightful right in from the first scene. There is great chemistry between them and you’re totally rooting for them right away. The character development is wonderful. There are many more details of the past and circumstances in the present with Wicked so there are more dimensions to her, but Everly holds her own with flair. The sex scenes are so good and the relationship between the two is superb. There was a brief scene where it looked like Everly wasn’t particularly on the ball as a psychologist, but that was thankfully rather short. The whole impact on their professional dealings in light of a romantic relationship conundrum never got resolved so looks like Everly’ll have to rethink her job in near future. But as a romance, this one works perfectly. The details of the game, the strategies and the actual matches are all excellently done.

Definitely recommended. 


Bad Blood by Sarah Sanders


Enemies to lovers done most excellently, this is a fabulous, sexy read.

Annabelle Carr grew up rich and spoilt, but has faced reversal of fortunes. She’s taken hits and worked hard to provide for herself and her younger sister. When the designer she is working for decides to resettle, Annabelle has to look for another job. She goes for an interview to Taylor Blair’s and finds herself face-to-face with Gracie Smith, a girl she had tormented in high school. Gracie employs Annabelle to mete out vengeance, but spark between them grows to a huge flame.

We loved this book. Annabelle in particular is a great MC. Gracie is also good, but Annabelle rocks. The sex scenes, as in all Sanders’ book, are awesome – and plenty. We love the very brief appearance of Taylor (we totally crush on her!) and Joy from Tease Me and the mention of Kat (another yummy character) and Beth from Begin Again.

Definitely recommended.   


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