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Love Waits by Gerri Hill


This one is a straightforward second chances (twenty years thence) romance.

When teen hormones hit basketball player Gina Granbury she finds herself obsessing over cheerleader, Ashleigh Pence. At a party, Ashleigh seems to be flirting with Gina. Before long, Ashleigh invites Gina for a week long holiday with her family to the beach. And young love catches fire. For the rest of their time in school, Ashleigh and Gina are overtly best friends and covertly in the throes of a flaming (and we mean flaming as in seriously hot) affair. They go to college together and for apparently no reason, Gina breaks up with Ashleigh, totally devastating Ashleigh’s. The last Ashleigh sees of Gina before transferring is Gina sleeping with every possible woman she meets.

Twenty years thence, Gina is co-owner of a small advertising firm and Ashleigh is a drawing-huge-salary-but-not-happy-with-her-job attorney. It is now school reunion time. Both are reluctant to go unwilling to face the other. As the popular girl and also Prom Queen who still visits the small town frequently, Ashleigh cannot quite not go. Having already skipped the ten-year-reunion while in a haze of serial womanizing, Gina is goaded by her friends to go, and she does.

When they meet again, Ashleigh and Gina discover the sparks still flying hard and fast between them.

The chemistry between Ashleigh and Gina is fantastic. The plentiful sex scenes are delicious. The young love completely heartwarming.

However, the depth and extent of the love each one has is terribly skewed. Gina’s love is small and contained, lacking depth and is self-preserving. It is love that is expressed by staring but not doing anything else. It is love that allows her to break up with Ashleigh (who is literally head-over-heels in love with Gina) on hearing a rumour, making the decision unilaterally and not allowing Ashleigh a dialogue or giving ‘them’ a chance. It is love that feels it perfectly alright to lapse into radio silence for months and emerge to make a lacklustre gesture of sending a photograph of a rising sun with a message ‘Come see me’ – really?!

On the other hand, Ashleigh’s love is all-encompassing and fearless. It is huge. She is the popular girl who takes all the risks. She chucks her social circle to be with Gina. She is more than willing to come out while they are still in school. Both, when they first get involved and when they meet again, Ashleigh is the one who always takes initiative, risking her heart and emotions. And finally, she is the one who changes her entire life for Gina.

With everything else so right about the writing (particularly the flashbacks and the sex scenes), this book left us dissatisfied with the immense imbalance in the feelings.


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