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Vacation People by Cheri Ritz


This is an even-paced, even-tempered simple age-gap romance.

Life is far from good for Penny Rothmoor. She had brought her boyfriend, Bryce, on board the casino her family owns as the security head. First her cheated on her and then her walked away taking half the casino’s security staff to a rival casino. When her turns up at the casino again, Penny has something of a meltdown on the floor, with the result that she is ‘asked’ to take time off. Serendipitously, Penny has a dinner engagement with her dead mother’s erstwhile best friend, Lauren Hansen, the same evening. Lauren is a fairly successful Chicago-based photographer who is on her way to Hawaii for what should’ve been an anniversary celebration. Except that she has been unceremoniously dumped and is on her way to the all-paid-for holiday week alone. Egged by Penny’s friends, Lauren and Penny decide to vacation for a week in Hawaii together, solemnly agreeing to not think or work or terrible exes, but just be vacation people.

For a workaholic, casino heiress, Penny is surprising soft and vulnerable. There is something very young about her. We loved the mini-breakdown she has and her self-aware revelation that she is not ‘vacation people’; she doesn’t go with the flow, she is a person who stresses about things. Lauren is also likeable enough. The two together are very sweet. Despite the mom-connection, there is nothing discomfiting about the attraction between Penny and Lauren. Potentially drama and/or angst inducing situations are dealt with without putting the MCs (or the readers) through an emotional wringer. We liked that by the end, both of them are equally willing to make sacrifices and major changes to their lives for the other. What we didn’t quite get is Penny’s relationship with her father and her standing in the casino (which is destined to someday come to her).

On the whole, this not-too-long book is an easy weekend read.  



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