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Western Shores (Compass #4) by Lise Gold


This is an age gap romance which unfurls with such beauty that it creeps into your heart and has you cheering for the growing relationship every step of the way.

Pink haired, twenty-three year old Madison Wilson has just graduated as a marine biologist and is excited to be joining her first full time job as part of a team researching dolphin behaviours in Santa Cruz. Though her parents offer to buy her a place Madison wants to be totally independent and chooses to rent a place. Her heart is set on a cute pink house that she has seen online. Nestled between a blue house on one side and a bar, Western Shores, on the other, the tiny pink house captivates Madison as much as her new landlady, Ally Santos, who owns all three properties. Forty-year-old Ally lost her husband nine years back has a highly gifted eleven-year-old son, Theo. Madison is gay but through her college years she’s only had short-lived flings with straight girls who always go back to their boyfriends. She is keen on breaking this pattern but cannot get Ally out of her mind. Much to her own confusion, Ally, on her part seems to be especially eager to spend time with her new tenant. When Ally begins to recognise her attraction to another woman, she has difficulty in accepting her new sexuality especially since Madison is seventeen years younger.

The thing we enjoy most about Lise Gold’s books is the excellent relationship building between the MCs. The pace is always just right and the connection totally believable. We love the conversations and banked fires in this one. Gold also writes about places with such feel that she transports you to the place and you can actually smell the sea, taste the salt, ‘see’ the million-dollar-view with the MCs and get goosebumps over the red tide. The ability to create the atmosphere just adds to how invested you get in the relationship. Madison and Ally are individually people we’d like to have in our lives and as a couple the make us rather swoon. We totally get Ally’s hesitation and love the way her fears are dealt with.

This is a wonderful, wonderful romance and though it is part of a series it can totally be read as a standalone. 


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