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Blissfully Blindsided by Robin Alexander


Robin Alexander’s books are like P. G. Wodehouse’s – the synopsis hardly matters. We only read them for the general hilarity and silliness. The relationship between the MCs is always a nice bonus – you feel like they really get the other.

Caleigh Breaux took a job right out of college wherein she was some sort of a roving HR troubleshooter for her company. Now in her late thirties, she’s had enough of travelling and has got a job in Falcon, Louisiana where her grandparents live. As she is moving into town, she had a flat tyre, a helpful knight-in-jeans-on-a-bicycle (Blaze Sonnier) and a moment of emotional overwrought-ness and breakdown. Blaze is not a particular favourite of Caleigh’s grandmother who has something of a past with Blaze and is bunch of unsavoury tales about her. However, Caleigh decides to find out the truth behind the tales about Blaze herself, particularly after watching Blaze’s infamous Bitch-Slap-Bunny moment. Blaze is dealing with her own drama in form of her mother who’d once abandoned her and her sister, Ronnie, but who has now reappeared, injured and seeking shelter.

As with all Alexander’s books, the romance starts fast (and we are completely behind this concept) and there are all sorts of over-the-top characters and situations. However, like Scaredy Cat, this one has more than just hilarity. This one is also about growing up angst and forgiveness. While Caleigh and Blaze are amiable and odd, we are not entirely sure we like their indifference and rather callous treatment of Blaze’s sister, Ronnie, who is in the throes of a wildly awful menopause in addition to being in a lifelong bad marriage. This means that we are not as completely taken by this one as we are by many others by this author.

Neverthless, this is a good read with some truly laugh-out-loud moments. 



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