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Tease Me by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Usually we’re a little leery about picking up an erotic novella because the novella may not have enough length for a roman...

Deal with the Devil (Cain Casey #3) by Ali Vali


This is the third instalment of the Cain Casey saga – a series with New Orleans mobster Derby Cain Casey as the central figure with plots, schemes and killings galore sprinkled with a seasoning of romance and sex.

In the second part Cain murdered the family controlling drugs as vendetta for the torture, rape and murder of her mentally-arrested younger sister. Cain stays away from the drug scene as do her closest associated, the Jatibons. However, they need to have control of who corners that niche because unless they do, someone else could get in and grow bigger than them putting all of them in peril. Remington (Remi) Jatibon is heir apparent of the gambling empire of the Jatibons. Remi, like Cain before Emma, is an unapologetic player. As a part of their legitimate business, Cain and Remi invest in a movie studio and Remi meets and is smitten by Dallas Montgomery, an actress on the cusp of big time, inexplicably under the control of a boorish manager. Emma Verde (Mrs. Casey as she calls herself) is still trying to redeem herself for having left Cain and plotted against her. In building back her relationship with Cain, Emma wants to have a third child and the couple embarks on that journey. In the meanwhile, one of the wannabe drug lords is getting obsessed with Emma and proving dangerous.

The book is non-stop gang-time drama. Somehow, the FBI are all nincompoops who only sit around in their surveillance vans ineffectively as Cain runs circles around them. Cain’s cousin, Muriel, and her love interest, FBI agent Shelby, are two lovely ladies who seem to be getting sacrificed more and more as this series progresses. Their potentially beautiful relationship is put in jeopardy all the time. In this one, Muriel is desperate to prove herself to Cain. So far she was the ‘legal’ face of the Casey empire, but to prove herself, she asks to get into the illegal aspects too – and instead of taking care of Muriel in a vulnerable and angry phase, Cain lets that happen. Shelby, who so far, in all three books has only helped Cain in different ways is also just not given her due. While Cain’s business ‘partners’ are supposed to be her equal, somehow Cain is way more omniscient and omnipotent making everyone else (including Remi) seem to be different levels of lackeys. Remi and Dallas’ relationship is nice to read though happening at a breakneck speed. The one thing that keeps us returning to Ms. Vali’s books are excellent sex scenes.

This is a fairly engaging read. 


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