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Forget it by Claire Highton-Stevenson, Narrated by Kim Bretton (Audiobook)


This is a sweet, uncomplicated age-gap romance.

At just twenty-six, Brooke Chambers has had to leave the Army to make a home for her fifteen-year old sister, Ronnie, after the loss of their father. Brooke is determined to give the best to her sister and for that she really needs to quickly get a civilian job. She’s got an interview lined up for the following Monday and serendipitously she also finds a lust-plus-emotional connection with a super-sexy lady, Catherine Blake that weekend. After a dream weekend together, Brooke and Catherine feel that this is something that can develop into more – much more. When Brooke arrives for the interview, Catherine is one of the three interviewers. Brooke is convinced that this is a sign that she and Catherine are meant to be. However, Catherine has been burnt very badly in the past by a work romance gone south and she is determined to put a stop to whatever was burgeoning between her and Brooke. So they are two people with shared and equal feelings but opposite agendas. While Catherine is freezing out Brooke an unexpected mishap leaves Brooke with amnesia about the past few weeks. A complete blank out of six to eight weeks. Catherine offers to take care of Brooke while she recovers.

This book is all sweetness. The connection between the MCs is excellent. We completely understand people falling fast and hard and being devastated over something that really was just two days – and Catherine and Brooke’s two days are perfect. Many ice-queen stories make the other MC something of a doormat and overly compromising. What we liked very, very much in this one is that even when Catherine is freezing Brooke out and being plain mean to her, the author tells us enough of Catherine’s emotional and mental state so we can actually understand her. While Brooke launches Operation Thaw, she is in no way a pushover or even the teeniest bit pathetic. She is just sweet in all her overtures. We also liked that while part of the book was Brooke wooing Catherine, equal time is spent in Catherine kind of wooing Brooke (with all that taking care of Brooke and all). The return of Brooke’s memory is rather simplistic but this is a light romance so it’s all good. We also loved Ronnie and her fifteen-year-old bumbling attempts at suturing Catherine and Brooke together. That is so typically what a teenager would do and it may actually also work with peers. The age-gap (Catherine is forty-two) is acknowledged and dealt with without drama.

We enjoyed Kim Bretton’s narration. She's captured the characters (all characters) very, very well.

This is an ideal choice for angst-free romance with great chemistry.   



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