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Storms by Gerri Hill, Performed by Abby Craden (Audiobook)


Abby Craden, she of divine voice and towering talent, could read a grocery list and have us not only riveted but also believing that it is something special. And Bella Books (the publisher) seems to be especially fond of this book seeing that the ebook was first published in 2011, the paperback in 2013 and then this audiobook in 2020. But in Ms. Craden’s voice and with her performance, the book is still good.

Carson Cartwright was thrown out of her home by her father twelve years back. Since then she’s not had any contact with either her father or her four brothers. So when she gets a call from her twin brother, Chase, she is shocked. After being thrown out by her father, Carson found home with her grandmom, from whom Carson later inherited some undisclosed but seemingly massive amount of money – enough to not do anything in her life, travel to Europe on whim and own a place in Manhattan. Chase informs Carson that their father is dying and she should maybe come back for closure. Carson surprises herself by actually going home.

Carson walks into the house during a meeting that her brothers are having with a consultant, Kerry Elder, trying to find a way to make their family business, their ranch, a profitable venture. The ranch has been losing money and Kerry suggests that they should make it a ‘dude ranch’ i.e. redesign parts of it and open it up for guests. Kerry’s pitch to the Cartwrights is her first one as a solo player. She’d done this job for years for a company and has now decided to start her own business. So getting this project is super important for Kerry. She’s been brought in by Colt, so he is on-board. Then there is Chance, who seems against the idea. That leave Cody and Chase. Chase seems rather uninvolved, so Kerry decides to indulge in a little flirtation with Cody to ensure that she gets the project.

When Carson arrives, the brothers greet her rather coldly with Cody going as far as believing that she’d only there for her piece of inheritance despite knowing that she never had any share in the ranch.

While the family dynamic plays out, another dynamic between Carson and Kerry starts.

Like with most books written by authors who cut their lesfic writing teeth on Xena fanfic, this one is also toaster-oven. Kerry identifies as straight till she discovers, explores, embraces and locks into her real gay self when she meets Carson. One big, big plus is that the conflict and drama in the book doesn’t happen within the Kerry-Carson relationship but comes from Cody and from Carson’s father. We really like it when conflict is not forced into the romantic relationship. We also appreciated the fact that Hill doesn’t transform the fraught relationship between Carson and her father magically. Instead, she keeps it very realistic.

Craden does a remarkable job with the multiple characters, many of whom are male. She is especially phenomenal in the steamy scenes.

This is certainly an excellent romance.   


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