Breathless by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Short, sweet and sexy – we loved this book. Lara is a movie star whose career has crashed and burnt. She is in the throes o...

The Devil Be Damned (Cain Casey #4) by Ali Vali


Bravely onto part four of this mob saga which is frankly getting a little tedious – but what can we say? – we are somewhat OCD about finishing series’.

Derby Cain Casey, the super-hero-mob-boss protagonist of the series set in New Orleans, is all guilty about the fact that her partner of fourteen years, Emma Verde (Mrs. Casey – as they both call her – but the wedding is yet to happen) was kidnapped, strapped down on a table and would’ve been raped except that FBI Agent Shelby Phillips got there in time to save Emma. Cain had reached soon after and Emma was safe, but Cain needs to kill the perpetrators. (From the things Cain says, her need for vendetta seems to be more about someone daring to attack Cain’s belonging rather than an attack on a woman she supposedly loves.) Remi Jatibon and Dallas’ romance grows and Dallas is finally able to bring her little sister out of hiding. But Dallas’ troubles aren’t quite over as her past is not completely erased yet. New mob families make an appearance, fighting amongst themselves and for control of open drug operations in the city. Since Cain is the one-ring-that-controls-all-rings, everyone seemingly needs her blessings to be able to do their ‘business’.

As with all books in this series, the pace is breathless and there is a lot of brutality (rather excessive in this one). As the series is progressing Cain is becoming less and less likeable. She is all-knowing and plenty nasty to almost everyone other than Emma and their two kids. The FBI are portrayed as idiots as always. The real tragedy in this one is the complete annihilation of the Muriel-Shelby love story. Cain decimates Muriel (as a person) and the author decimates Shelby’s character (rather unnecessarily). Emma, still overcompensating for her past betrayal of Cain, is steadily becoming as hard and unforgiving as Cain. But we have to admit, the sappy and the sexy scenes between Cain and Emma are hot (despite the cringe-worthy endearments that Cain uses). There are two new characters in this one for whom our heart bled: one is a small inconsequential girl (a hooker) in the Remi-Dallas track and the second is the new wannabe drug lord, Gracelia Luis Ortega, who is painted many shades of terrible but just seems rather tragic to us.

On the whole, this one is only, we repeat – only – for fans of the series.


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