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And Then There Was Her by Tagan Shepard


This is a mellow, very appealing, age gap love story.

Madison Jones has always been a city girl. She lives in Denver with her girlfriend of three years, a semi-brity chef, Kacey. Madison is a pottery artist and works as a barista too. Kacey is offered a job in Oregon in a vineyard, Minerva Hills Winery, to start a new high-end restaurant. Madison never had any doubt that she’d go with Kacey anywhere and is happy to make the move. Kacey’s new job comes with rent-free on-site accommodation and Madison finds her perfect studio in the sunroom of the cottage. The quiet of the vineyard is perfect for Madison who has not yet come to terms with the death of her beloved brother a year ago. While still living her life, her brother’s passing has had a huge impact on Madison. Once a party-girl with a penchant for casual hook-ups and anonymous sex, Madison is now much more introspective. At the vineyard, Madison meets the owner and winemaker, CS Freeburn. Madison keeps running into the quiet, almost surly woman and has a certain latent attraction for her. An attraction that is deep buried because Madison is totally into Kacey. While Madison enjoying the beauty of her new home, Kacey, though excited about her job is not quite on the same page about the quiet environs. And then Madison catches Kacey with another woman. She is shattered and strangely it is the stand-offish CS who proves to be her anchor.

Right from the outset, it is clear that the Madison-Kacey relationship is not working. Almost half the book is about this couple with interactions between Madison and CS interspersed showing a sympathy between them. The relationship between Madison and CS builds slowly even though the attraction is clear. Though the narration is entirely Madison’s PoV, there is no doubt about CS’ emotions. CS is low-key in expressing her emotions but you can feel the depth, the solidity and steadfastness. Madison is largely alone on the vineyard but we can so understand how that time, space and place can be therapeutic. We found the attraction believable and last scene totally, totally sweet.

We thoroughly enjoyed this book and the relationship actually made us feel.  



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