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Before You Say I Do by Clare Lydon


If in Imagine Me and You the leads had met before the wedding instead of during the ceremony, the result would’ve been this lovely romcom.

Jordan is a professional bridesmaid (seemingly that’s a real thing). She excels at being the brides best friend during the run-up to the wedding with a magic touch for soothing everyone and mad organisational skills that ensure everything goes per plan. Her newest client is Abby Porter who has less-than-stellar interactions with her future mother-in-law. Abby’s fiancé, Marcus Montgomery wants the whole process to be as stress-free as possible for Abby and reaches out to Jordan. Abby has her own reservations about the whole scheme. First she baulks at the concept of a professional bridesmaid and then she is not completely thrilled at the idea that Marcus did this without talking to her. But she turns up to meet Jordan nevertheless and tentatively gets on-board. While Jordan spins her magic unexpectedly, Abby falls under her spell in quite a different way.

Jordan and Abby are fabulous MCs (though we like Abby a quite bit more). The simmering attraction is captured with élan and the energy and chemistry between the two ladies is awesome. A lot of focus is on Abby’s struggle with her attraction and we felt a little more about Jordan’s growing feelings for Abby would have balanced it all nicely. Guess that was sacrificed for word count. The humour is on-point and the emotions well developed.

This is a light and breezy romance which is thoroughly enjoyable.  



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