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Make Believe Wife by Berri Fox

This has perhaps one of the best synopsis that we’ve ever read. The synopsis grabbed us and made us pick the book immediately.

Helen is in a good place in her professional life. Successful at her work and a boss who looks out for her.In fact, the boss looks out for Helen so much that she is concerned about Helen’s singlehood and promises her a wonderful opportunity provided Helen is no longer single. (Huh?) Good girl, rule-abiding Helen is a deeply buried secret which she unearthed about herself on a visit to Cosy Nook – she is a little kinky Roxy is a drifter bouncing from place to place, person to person. She is dedicated to pursuing pleasure. She is told about Cosy Nook and goes there only to be escorted out real soon. Helen follows her with the thought that this girl could be one she presents as her partner and snags the opportunity and promotion at work.

The premise is fine. (Did we also mention that we loved the synopsis?) However, we didn’t like Roxy from the start and the concept of picking up someone literally from the gutter and taking them home made us way to uncomfortable despite knowing this is just fiction. No matter how awesome Roxy might turn out, her first interaction with Helen is quite off-putting – the time Helen takes her to the diner and Roxy shamelessly takes advantage of the kindness. In fact, after Roxy’s behaviour in the diner, we were even more uncomfortable with the idea that Helen still took her home – and we had to abandon this book at that point.

Clearly this flight of fancy and fantasy is not our cuppa tea.

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