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Never Too Late for Heroes by A.L. Brooks


A. L. Brooks is a widely fluctuating author for us. On one hand we’ve disliked some of her characters immensely and on the other, we’ve totally loved some of her work. So she’s a hit or miss. This book is a totally hit for us.

Four aging cousins – Reed, Val, Mary and Sunny – are living out their creaky days in Hazy Days Nursing Home. They are not particularly thrilled about this turn of things given that they were once superheroes with special powers. But their powers just abandoned them and their bodies aged suddenly. Their government handler, Agent Geena Fox, insisted on taking care of them and signed them into Hazy Days with full payment made for twenty years. Six years down the line, Reed, Val and Sunny feel twinges of their powers returning.

Around the same time, Agent Fox is assigned a rookie partner, Agent Leigh Walker, who is peppy, eager, chirpy but also daughter of a senator and doesn’t seem to have done all that great in her class. Fox wants to get Walker out of her hair and sends her on what seems to be a fool’s errand – find a person, Francesca (Fyre) Power, who has been missing for six years with two sightings in the interim. Fyre is Reed’s sister and one of the superheroine cousins.

Six years back the five cousins had faced off against one more of their own, Val’s sister Jewel aka the cousin gone rogue. While they got her down, everyone believes that Fyre died at that time. Except that there was no body. Which makes Agent Fox hold on to the hope that Fyre is not dead. A hope she clings on to because she’s nursed feelings for Fyre for the past twenty years.

Stunningly, Agent Walker finds Fyre and Agent Fox hears from Reed that Val, who’s always had a weird connection with Jewel, believes that not only did Jewel survive their last fight, but she has come back to wreck more havoc.

Agent Fox, with Fyre and Agent Walker in tow, meets the Power girls and they set up training to see if the lost powers can come back in their entirety to fight Jewel and finish her for good this time.

Dana Chapman, a new adorable, dedicated but nosy nurse, looks after the Power cousins (yes, that’s their common surname) but is constantly trying to eavesdrop and know everything everywhere blunders her way into the whole set-up and becomes an integral part of the team.  

This book is a complete entertainer. All the characters are super-likeable and the antagonist is super- caricaturized and perfect. The conversations and banter between the cousins is often hahaha funny. The challenges of aging bodies is written with sensitivity and humour. There are two love stories: the decades-long simmering one between Agent Fox and Fyre and fresh new one between Agent Walker and Dana – and they both are awwww sweet. The pacing is perfect. The superpowers (though not dreadfully original or unique) are well used in the dramatic and tight situations.

Superheroes aging is being written in more and more – though mostly they’re retiring in Marvel-verse and a next generation is taking over – so her the feisty women regaining their powers and coming back is fun. We enjoyed this one so much that we hope we get a few more books with all eight women (the five cousins, two Agents and Nurse Chapman).


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