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No After You (Celebrities #1) by Nicole Pyland


This one totally ships Kaylor in a sweet, sweet, sweet (and thankfully free of the templated misunderstanding/conflict/temporary break up) romance.

Dani Wilder has been modelling since she was three and by twenty-three she is a super-model gracing magazine covers and walking the ramp cross the world. She is also engaged to a friend-turned-boyfriend (without real sparks in their relationship. At a fundraiser, Dani is mesmerised by Peyton Gloss, a mega-famous pop/rock star at just twenty-five, performing on-stage. After Peyton’s performance, as Dani is waiting for her eternally busy boyfriend to return from attending a work call, Peyton materialises beside Dani and invites her to join her and her actress friend, Lennox, for a drink. Dani acquiesces. Peyton and Dani find an unexpected gravity between them and riding on the pull, Peyton offers Dani her aeroplane and company to go to Hawaii for Dani’s shoot the next day. Dani and Peyton’s friendship develops at lightning speed throwing them both a little off-kilter and leaving them confused – since both have hitherto identified as straight.

Most of the book follows the development of the relationship which is kind of just right given that both, Dani and Peyton are discovering unexpected dimensions about their sexuality. It is also heartwarming that they don’t have unnecessary angst or trauma about themselves. Yes, there is a little backing down by Peyton, but that is more because Dani has a boyfriend. Another thing we loved was that as soon as Dani feels an attraction to someone else, she has the decency to break up with her boyfriend instead of leading him on while she sorts her feelings out. Dani is sweet, young and soft. Peyton, a little more free-spirited and chapstick. The couple is awesome. We loved the strength and belief that each gave the other – especially Dani to the much more successful Peyton with regards to Peyton’s family. We also loved that they both work equally hard at making the relationship work against all odds.

Considering the number of times we’ve used the word ‘love’ in this review, clearly, this one is highly recommended.  



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