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Slow Burn in Tuscany by Giselle Fox


This is a delicious and delightful book sitting squarely in the romantic erotica genre.

Romantic erotica is one of our favourite sub-genres. Romantic erotica is when most of the book is erotica but the erotica is driven by romance (Jump Then Fall, Tease Me and Begin Again by Sarah Sanders are excellent examples of romantic erotica). [On the other hand erotic romances are where (again) most of the book is erotica but the romance is driven by erotica (The X Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair, Never Knew Until You by L. E. Royal and At Her Feet and The Fling by Rebekah Weatherspoon are good examples of an erotic romance).] Mostly, in both forms, there is a story but it is rather thin. Usually romantic erotica also has truckloads of sweetness and these are mostly angst-free/low angst books in which relationships develop depth and breadth pretty fast.

Brianna Valente’s life plan gets truncated when the good Catholic girl finds herself pregnant on her graduation day (at eighteen). As she is sitting by herself, trying to grapple with the enormity of her situation, kindness comes her way from cheerleading teammate and captain, Madison Blake. Madison, who Brianna thought of as a spoilt, rich bitch, is comforting, kind and all things wonderful as Brianna loses her shit. But then, Madison proves to be a bitch nevertheless, as far as Brianna is concerned.

Eighteen years down the line, Brianna’s daughter is off to college, she is divorced from a largely loveless marriage and is off for a holiday to Tuscany with her best friend, Audrey. But the surprise addition in the group tour is a solo traveller – Madison.

Brianna learns that the past wasn’t what it seemed and also discovers unexpected things about herself and about Madison.

We totally loved this one. Sure, we’d have liked a little more wooing, burn and confessions at the start of their relationship and some more sharing as they grew closer. But, ooooh the sex! N-i-c-e.

Definitely recommended. 


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