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Uprooting by Suzie Carr


We’d once read a book which essentially encapsulated most philosophical theories in bite-sized pieced wrapped in a kind of fairy tale. This one reminded us of that since wrapped in the outer shell of a romance this is a lot about self-help, positivity and growth.

Harper Ray is a troubled young woman with musical talent. As a child, after an accident, her parents got hooked to drugs. She has memories of happier times but they are largely eclipsed by later memories which are quite terrible. After her mother overdosed, Harper’s father didn’t remain sober for long and soon Harper and her younger sister, Tess, became a part of the foster care system.

While the family with which they were placed were not so great, Harper and Tess found a family in a Good Samaritan couple, Barry and Nancy, and Andrew, another child in the foster care system. Harper found a girlfriend, Kate, while still in the system and ran away with her leaving a pleading and tearful Tess alone. Harper’s romance with Kate ended and Tess is in a very bad way so Harper return to Baltimore from Rhode Island. With nothing urgent to go back to – she has neither job nor girlfriend – Harper stays back in Baltimore. Andrew gets Harper a one-off gig in a food market.

Ivy Homestead is a green witch, a life coach, a vlogger and along with her mother, owner of a wholistic wellness spa resort. Ivy has her own demons and a particularly bad falling out with a friend. That incident with her friend has left her so under-confident about herself that for the past year Ivy has stopped all her activities and has only been cleaning the spa resort. When Ivy hears Harper in the market, she offers Harper a gig at her resort. Ivy and her mom, Annie, make a more than generous offer to Harper with rent-free accommodation on-site.

This book is a lot about healing for both the main protagonists as their romantic relationship builds organically. The presence of a new, interesting, intriguing and exciting person in their lives give each one a new lease of living. While Ivy’s impact on Harper is unmistakable and obvious, Harper’s presence in Ivy’s life and its impact is less obvious but true.

Ivy is an adorable lady. We loved everything about her. She is rather new age-y (we did speed-read almost all her vlog posts content because there wasn’t really anything new in them) and her earth-flower-yoga-floating may not find a lot of agreement (for the record, we agree and appreciate with her but find the whole lifestyle to demand too much effort). We totally loved her flirtatious moments with Harper.

Harper, with all her baggage, her past and her issues is understandable, but we didn’t find her particularly likeable. In fact, there were moment when we felt her rudeness and meanness with Ivy were totally uncalled for.

We got to mention Tess, though she’s in a smaller supporting role. Our heart bleeds for the child she was when her only support system, her sister left her. We may not agree with her large heartedness and forgiveness, but she really touched us.

We liked that this book was as much about remorse, regret and rectifying the past as it was about the developing relationship between Ivy and Harper. Towards the end, we loved the fact that both cared for their relationship enough to make necessary sacrifices for the other.

On the whole, this is a gentle read. 


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