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Flying First by Lucy Bexley

We’re not quite sure why this one has been published. Don’t get us wrong, it is not entirely bad but it strictly belongs to one of the amateur fiction sites. As an amateur, first attempt fiction, this would be one of the better attempts but as a published novelette it fails.

Chloe is Monroe’s assistant with a huge crush on her impossible boss. The crush is the only thing still keeping her in the job. That and the need for income. But neither are enough when Monroe pushes Chloe too far and Chloe quits on the spot. As she’s walking out, Monroe reels her back with an offer of a trip to India flying First Class (as Chloe bargains). They take off and Chloe discovers hitherto unsuspected things about the barracuda boss, namely a fear of flying. Monroe ends up taking something for that but their trip is diverted and abruptly cut short, landing in Iceland because one of the passengers is suspected to have a virus (a nod to the Covid-19 pandemic here). The two women end up spending the night together in an inn and their attraction to each other spills out.

The story has enough to build on but the novelette doesn’t do that. Chloe is way more sassy and dominating over Monroe than the writer’s contextual dynamic describes the tension between the boss and assistant. At some point Monroe describes Chloe pretty bad as an assistant (this is said with affection after their bedroom bonding so Chloe must’ve been quite awful at her job) so it feels like the only attraction between the two (both ways) was physical.

This writer has potential but needs a lot of hand-holding and input. However, this novelette can be safely skipped. 

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