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Gift of Time by Robin Alexander


Ever read a book by a favourite author and felt that the book you’re reading is totally not written by them? We felt that very, very strongly about this one – and not in a good way.

Pragmatic, sensible Leah Marks wanders into an antique shop one afternoon and meets the lovely Reagan Montgomery. Shockingly, Reagan gifts Leah a snow globe that had caught Leah’s eye. Reagan has the twin of the globe in her house. Then weird things start happening with the globes – both the women see the other in their respective globes but in a completely different time period. They start putting clues together and embark on trying to find what it all means. And then, things get even stranger – Leah and Reagan can actually get transported into the life and time that they can see in their globes which turn out to be portals.

This is something of time travel fantasy with a very, very thin veneer of romance. We must confess this is a rare book that had our mind screaming But what is the point of all this? There are so, so many plot holes that there are actually more impossible, unbelievable things that only raise questions (that are never answered). Fiction is suspension of disbelief but this was an unmitigated disaster. Then, there is Leah who we found rather selfish and put Reagan’s life into danger. More than once. So we don’t even understand Reagan’s devotion to Leah. Plus, there is zero humour – something that we have come to depend on from Robin Alexander.   

Definitely not recommended.

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