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Going on Red by Lyn Gardner


Opposites plus toaster oven would best describe the tropes in this one.

Brodie Shaw, a successful architect-cum-interior-designer, is an out-and-proud player. Kate Monroe is a detective (sexuality: straight, we got to add that here) with her every milestone along her long-term plan all mapped out. Brodie comes from an accepting and supportive family. Kate’s mom is hateful and homophobic. Brodie has had love in her life, Kate has had judgement and more than her share of slaps from her mom. Brodie is patient and amiable, Kate (thanks to her background) wants things her way and has a short fuse. So they are opposites in almost every possible way.

One night an attempted break-in is called in and Kate goes to the crime site. Brodie had called the police about the attempt to break into one of her neighbouring offices. The first meeting between the two is a disaster with Brodie gleefully checking out Kate. Brodie’s smugness and audacity get under Kate’s skin and she has a disproportionate reaction to Brodie. The next couple of meetings aren’t so great either and when Brodie appears as an unexpected dinner guest at Kate’s place with Kate’s sister, Devon, Kate practically loses her shit.

Brodie seems to pull out more emotions and deeper reactions from Kate than anyone else. And the lady does seem to protest too much.

This book is Kate’s journey as she navigates unexpected discoveries about herself, denies the fledging curve on her straight road, acknowledges it, runs frightened, tentatively explores it, accepts it and finally embraces it. It is coming of age (or rather becoming her own person) at a later age (Kate is 35). Gardner does an excellent job in drawing Kate with all her baggage, issues and behaviour defined by her experience with her mother.

Despite the fact this is Kate’s journey, Brodie is not relegated to being just foil or a prop. She is also well-defined as the charming rake doing a 180 degrees for love.

Much to the credit of the author, you can understand, empathise with and root for both the leading ladies – individually and as a couple. At the end, you know the HEA is indeed going to be ever after.

There is a parallel love story between Kate’s best friend, Gina and Devon also playing out. That is all sweetness and hiccough-free. Both these ladies are also absolutely lovely.  

This is a long book spread over a fairish time period but kept us invested and engrossed. 


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