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Pursuing Pandora by Maggie Brown


This is a fun escapist romcom starring lovely leading ladies with awesome chemistry.

Winter Carlyle – corporate lawyer, divorced from a TV personality drama queen, mostly foil to her player lady-nip (as in catnip) best friend, family trouble shooter. Pandora – sizzling lounge singer, Gussie is seriously distressed when her son, Michael    (in his twenties), declares that he’s going to marry a woman much older than him. She makes Winter go to the lounge (Silver Fox) where Pandora performs and report back to her about the cradle-snatching woman. Winter goes to the lounge with her bestie, Jessie (a consummate player) and a couple of other friends. Winter finds that Pandora is not interested in or encouraging the besotted Michael in any way but more alarmingly, there seem to be sparks between her and Pandora. Pandora and Winter meet ostensibly to figure out how to handle the Michael situation but find their connection growing deeper.

Mad attraction, crazy ploys, cop-and-robbers, witchy-bitchy ex, a clutch of Pandora admirers (and broken hearts) fill this thoroughly enjoyable book.

Pandora and Winter both have their insecurities about each other but are dealt with on gentle, tender (and sometimes grand gesture) ways. We loved how they both jump to each other’s defence more than once and do not shy away from calling out anyone who is not giving the other respect. The attraction and chemistry between the two is fabulous. While there are really no surprises in the book it is constantly interesting and totally engrossing. We thoroughly enjoyed reading this one.

Definitely recommended.   


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