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Girl Talk by Cassidy Storm


This book rather made us think of the movie Her where the MC falls in love with an AI non-corporeal personality (voiced brilliantly by Scarlett Johansson).

Autumn gets a new cell phone number and receives a call from a stranger whose number is displayed as 'Unknown Caller' whose first sentence is boldly sexual. Autumn thinks it's a wrong number but somehow engages in a very brief exchange with attractive female voice at the other end before rushing out for a blind date. The Unknown Caller just happens to call when Autumn is desperately hoping for an out from her interminably boring companion and thus starts an engagement between two strangers. 

Autumn is actively looking for 'love' and going on dates with guys as often as she can but parallely a new, albeit weird connection is building between her and the Unknown Caller, Jessica. They are conversing, sharing themselves (and drinking the same flavoured vodka while talking), building an unmistakable bond, flirting and getting into decidedly raunchy zones.

The whole relationship is rather fantastical but so very hot and surprisingly so very sweet. There is genuine interest from both the ladies about the other and the whole birthday scene is straight out of OTT romantic movies. 

And the heat! This is romantic erotica (though at the start it seemed erotic romance – either ways, it is still firmly in the erotica zone. Romantic erotica is when most of the book is erotica but the erotica is driven by romance. Jump Then Fall, Tease Me and Begin Again by Sarah Sanders and Slow Burn in Tuscany by Giselle Fox are excellent examples of romantic erotica. On the other hand erotic romances are where (again) most of the book is erotica but the romance is driven by erotica. The X Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair, Never Knew Until You by L. E. Royal and At Her Feet and The Fling by Rebekah Weatherspoon are good examples of an erotic romance.) Mostly, in both forms, there is a story but it is rather thin. Usually romantic erotica also has truckloads of sweetness and these are mostly angst-free/low angst books in which relationships develop depth and breadth pretty fast.).

What distinguishes this one from many others is that while there is a lot (in all caps, bold and large font) of sex and a lot of orgasms, Autumn and Jessica actually do it in person, physically with each other only once. Yeah, that’s right – the two are physically together just once. The rest of the time they are getting off to each other’s voice or words and are not even in each other's sight line.a

Since the book is narrated from Autumn’s PoV, we know she gets off to thoughts about Jessica (even when she thought she was straight and plenty often as the relationship grows). We never imagined that a whole book essentially about masturbation could read this good or be this engaging – just shows that even in such a scenario, enough emotion can be added to make it awesome. You just know that the two women are together in every steamy scene and in every sensual thought and the whole book just reads effing hot. 

The conversations – flirty, fun, sex talk, truth or dare – all of them build the relationship beautifully. That the ladies are just voices to each other and only really meet right at the end doesn’t register or in any way reduce the depth of their relationship. We also kind of love that Autumn is highly, highly sexed. 

This one is definitely NSFW (or anywhere in public) and definitely recommended.


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