Sugar & Spice by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This one is super short, super cute and super hot. Princess Aurora has just been formally made the Crown Princess of her c...

Goode Girls Steal by J.J. Arias


Sports, cute girls, shared past, softball rivals, some complexes, some grand gestures and great chemistry make this one a nice, romantic read.

Gabriela (Gabby) Rosa Pino is Goode College’s star pitcher and their MVP. She is a person who loves with her whole being and follows her heart, which is why she gives up her summer study abroad seat in Buenos Aries (though she wants to be a Latin American history professor) and goes to Avignon in France with her girlfriend, Arden. Clearly, she is a deeply emotional person. And the emotion she has for Brooke Trainor, the star hitter of an opposing team is deeply and actively negative. Returning with a heartbreak (Arden dumped her three days into their stay in Avignon) from France, Gabby is none too pleased to see the new transfer to their softball team, viz. one Brooke Trainor, who seems to be everywhere, seems to be seeking Gabby who makes no bones about not wanting to have anything to do with Brooke. Gabby’s continuous rudeness to Brooke stems not only from their rivalry on the pitch but goes back longer to their teens.

Narrated from Gabby’s PoV means that we are privy to all her thoughts and emotions, but Brooke is also excellently drawn. Both the ladies are super cute and likeable. The chemistry between the two is like a constant huge wave that is impossible to miss.

The ladies and their interactions are so well written that we felt a multitude of emotions while reading – a protectiveness about Gabby’s emotionality; irritation with Gabby’s initial bad behaviour with Brooke; an affection for Brooke for her efforts with Gabby and for struggles she’d be facing as a new transfer in the final year; an unnameable big emotion for their past; anger at ghosting; understanding at the fear and confusion created by the teenage years; heartache for dealing with a narcissistic (as in the psychological disorder) parent; romantic willies at sweet text exchanges; complete awwww love at the big gesture – so many emotions.

All those emotions evoked by a book clearly mean that this is a very involving read. So, of course, recommended.

PS: We absolutely love the beautiful lady on the cover. Those eyes!


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