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Home by Jenn Alexander


What does home mean? Alexander explores all possibilities that can mean home writing within the framework of this lovely romance.

Rowan Barnes is a chef. She loves cooking and spends all her time learning the skill. Born and brought up in Portland, Rowen's dream job materialises in Fort Worth, Texas. While she's not crazy about Texas and the stereotypical image of Texans she has, she finds the opportunity too good to pass and despite her trepidation, makes the leap and moves to from familiarity and comfort to the unknown. Kate Landreth is a true blue Texan rancher. Except that she is also a lesbian. Rowen is assigned to get supplies from the Landerth ranch and finds more than just the supplies. She finds someone who could make her rethink Texas.

So, the question 'what is home?' is explored in a variety of ways via Rowen. The books, photographs, things? The city you've known? Your friends? Family? Routines (weekends at bars / trying out new foods)? The comfortable conversations? A person? Love? 

Both the ladies are quite lovely with Rowen scoring more points for adorability. It did feel that a disproportionate amount of the emotional work of the burgeoning relationship was laid on Rowen but both the MCs are unusually aware and self-aware and have an enviable understanding of the other. So Rowen realises the unfairness but is able to see where Kate is coming from and her unaddressed issues with her mom. Kate appreciates Rowen's difficulties with being alone in a new place, with having left everything and everyone she loves behind. Kate also has a revelation about her own unfairness in asking much more from Rowen than she (Kate) is offering. 

The difference between Rowen and Kate is that Rowen walks the talk, thought and emotion  (she makes many leaps to make the relationship work) while for Kate it remains intellectual awareness which doesn't entirely translate to emotional or behavioural change. And this, amongst other adorable behaviours, makes Rowen special. To the credit of the author, Kate remains likeable, but rather everyday and ordinary in comparison.

The progress of the relationship between Rowen and Kate is beautifully etched. The chemistry between them is excellent. 

Probably unintentionally the book also kind of showcases Texas in many ways, but that is quite welcome for armchair travellers like us. 

We thoroughly enjoyed reading this one, especially getting to really, really know the ladies as fully developed and realised characters. This is a lovely read.


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