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The Road Home by Erin Zak


At 37, Gwendolyn Carter's Hollywood dream has not yet taken off. With supporting roles in a few films, some stage work and a few commercials, she feels that she has nothing to show for the twenty years she's spent pursuing her dream. After the two decades away from home, she is expected to make an appearance for her dad's landmark birthday. While Gwendolyn has a fair relationship with her father she is set against going back home because of severe mommy issues particularly her mom's (Carol) complete rejection of her because of her sexuality. Issues that have made Kept Gwendolyn in therapy for years and years. 

Going back will also bring Gwendolyn face-to-face with Lila Machowicz, the girl who replaced her as the daughter in the Carter household. The girl, who by all accounts, her mom loves.

When Gwendolyn reaches home, things are not exactly as she anticipated. Lila and her parents all unpack into new experiences and unexpected realities.

This is a book with each character feeling intense emotions. It is as much about love and loving in different shades and relationships as it is about falling in love. It is about coming to terms with past wrongs, present failures and all the greys in people. It draws you into emotions -- complex and complicated -- deeply.

Zak writes interesting, unusual and unique circumstances in which the leading ladies meet but their chemistry is so awesome right off the bat that you are rooting for them all along. Gwendolyn and Lila are wonderful, wonderful women who deserve love, caring and happiness. It is immensely satisfying to know that they have the right person I their lives to give them the love they richly deserve.

Though the driver of the story is Gwendolyn, Lila is also developed with care and depth. 

This is a wonderfully immersive read and highly recommended.


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