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Waiting for You by Elle Spencer


When we picked up this book we expected parallel stories across two lifetimes. That is what the synopsis suggested. But though there is a flash of past life, this story remains firmly in the contemporary timeline with two awfully winsome ladies falling in love with each other.

Lindsay Hall And her rather kooky best friend, Patty, kind of chase the paranormal in their teens. After rounds with Ouija boards and the like, they get ahold of past-life regression hypnosis CDs and while Patty sleeps through them, Lindsay has a deeply impactful experience. She 'sees' a dramatic moment of two girls in love with each other being torn apart. She knows one of them (Katie) is her but has no idea who the other girl, Roo, is. Making a poor choice right after the regression, teen Lindsay's life is changed when she becomes pregnant.

Present day Lindsay is a successful and in-demand portrait artist. She is divorced and has a teenaged daughter, Brook. Patty owns an at gallery, is still kooky, still her best friend and still kind of holding a candle for Lindsay. After years of having dreamt of her, Lindsay finally paints Roo.

Ren Christopher's best friend, Deb lives in the same town as Lindsay and owns a popular coffee shop. Deb is Ren's safe place and home, so before moving to Paris for a new job, Ren arrives in town to spend a couple of weeks withDeb and her family.

At the first sight of Ren, Lindsay embarrassingly faints. Rather quickly, Ren and Lindsay get to know each other better and find an undeniable attraction.

This book is so much fun to read. The dialogues are fun and funny. Ditto the situations and the cast of characters -- including Brook, Deb and Patty. At the same time, no one is a one-dimensional jester or comic relief. They are all well-rounded people who add to the goings-on in wonderful ways.

The whole past life angle was frankly quite unnecessary and forced. It particularly felt that way because Lindsay is not overly angsty about it. She is funny, cool, quite adorable -- and very, very present. Lindsay's fainting may have been because of Roo but her relationship with Ren is never driven by a past life hangover. The second reason that the past life angle seemed unnecessary was because we never get to know how Ren feels about it or how she deals with it. However, this angle is used to create the conflict in the relationship (we felt that this one could've done without any conflict. Their parting was already inevitable with Ren's imminent move to Paris. But well).

Both, Lindsay and Ren are so, so attractive. The ending was kind of hurried and didn't have any lead up but the two ladies are just so lovely that we found ourselves not caring about shortfalls in the plot or pacing -- we were just happy that they got together.

This is definitely recommended: lovely ladies, excellent chemistry, great supporting cast and high fun factor in the writing. 


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