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Darkness Past by Sheryl D. Hancock


This series is like a long-running TV show which has on-going storylines of many of the characters and new plot lines and characters keep getting added.

The series is about a bunch of people in law and law enforcement. So there are all these extremely chivalrous, awfully attractive, mostly butch women and their gorgeously femme partners. The main characters and relationships in this one from previous books are Kana-Palani and Cat-Elizabeth. Kashena-Sierra are the new couple.

Women trapped in bad marriages and cheat their spouse with one of the irresistible law enforcement officers of the group is a recurring theme which continues in this one. Somehow, we get the feeling that Hancock is not particularly fond of Elizabeth since some of the most awful things happen to her. For the record, we think Elizabeth is one of the most vulnerable people in the series and our heart really goes out to her.

You can read them as standalone since enough backstory about the main ongoing couples is woven in. But that may not be completely capture the texture of the relationships. We admire the author for achieving this TV-serial-like effect in her writing.

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