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Finding Home by Jamey Moody


If there was ever a romance that made us want to join a gym and get active, this one it is.

Olivia King's last relationship ended badly and she took refuge in food. The break-up shook her confidence and the new weight and shape earned by eating her grief has broken her self-image. Low on confidence now, Olivia decides to join a gym. 

Frankie Dean is one-third owner of a popular gym, Your Way. The three partners, Framkie, Desi and Stella firmly believe that exercising is not only to lose weight but that the benefits of exercises encompass even mental and emotional well being. Frankie has been dumped by her last girlfriend, Laura, who is about to get married to a man now. As a result of being dumped more tan once, Frankie has serious self doubts about her ability to choose a partner.

When Olivia walks into the gym, Frankie is immediately attracted to her and vice versa. But the complexes each one is carrying prove to be hurdles. And when they finally reach out to each other with a life-altering kiss ending a perfect date, Laura returns.

This is clearly the start of a series set in this wonderful world where every single character is gay. We'd like to live there -- but that is irrelevant.

The characters. Dumped Frankie being non-bitchy about her ex is so likeable. And then, through her therapy and conversations with Laura when she returns reveal that the fault of the break-up lay with Frankie. Then, not so likeable any more. In fact, this was one book where we were rooting for Frankie and Laura to get together instead of Frankie and Olivia.

Which brings us to Olivia. She is so, so appealing and engaging. On a business trip, she has a one night stand with Jenna and that is the couple we wanted to happen. So in our ideal version of this book, the HEAs would be for Frankie-Laura and Olivia-Jenna. But Moody stuck with getting Olivia and Frankie together and we're feeling like a tantrums-y, sulky, pouty child about it.

The moments between Olivia and Frankie were nice but the chemistry was just okay. The oddest thing is that we felt Oliva had chemistry all by herself. She just sizzled with every single character in the book. Even in the Olivia-Frankie scenes, Olivia had fantastic chemistry but Frankie didn't -- therefore the median became just okay. So the reason this is odd is because chemistry is between people, right? We thought so too till we read this one.

There is drama in the circumstances but the ladies are not dramatic. So there's a smooth calm in interactions and relationships. Which was rather interesting. From the Easter eggs and the trajectory, we expect Stella and Jenna to become a couple in the series. 

One the whole, this is a rather smooth, easy read with just enough crossed connections, angst and drama. 

PS: We're still not happy with what happened with Laura. She deserved love and her own HEA.


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