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Finding Jessica Lambert by Clare Ashton


A spectacularly written, madly immersive age gap romance.

Travelling on the tube in an evening like any other, Anna Mayhew's ordered and orderly world is shaken by the arrival of a panic-stricken young woman into the carriage. With no one else stepping up to help the obviously distressed woman, Anna offers help which is gratefully accepted. Anna takes the stranger to a coffe shop to calm her down and slowly the woman regains composure. But just enough to be less panicked as long as Anna is around. Suspecting that there is a stalker, Anna overcomes her own fears and takes the stranger, Jess, home where the overwrought woman literally collapses in Anna's bed into deep sleep.

Thus begins Anna's and Jess' journey. Jess' unexpected arrival in her life helps Anna slowly peel of layers of fear and protection that she'd donned over the years. Anna's presence in her life helps Jess gain more control of herself and her life. 

This is a long book in which we savoured every word, lived every emotion and were submerged in every moment. 

Jessica Lambert and Anna Mayhew. Two wonderful characters. Two women so strong and so vulnerable. So complete with well-defined strengths and fears. We were swept away by the detail with which they've been brought to life and totally swept into them, individually and as a couple. When they have a fallout in the narrative -- we've never so strongly and desperately rooted for any two people to get back together.

Ashton creates two women with their own demons and doesn't waver in their characterisation all through giving them both remarkable dimension and depth. It is unspeakably beautiful to see how they support each other in facing their demons. It is particularly wonderful the way Ashton writes one of them on the autism spectrum and encompasses the many behaviours, good and bad, in her characterisation. 

Describing nano-emotions and micro-feelings, Ashton's brilliance and her sparklingly real ladies had us completely in the zone. We appreciated that they both were actresses who loved the profession and embraced it. While one had trouble coping with the attendant attention because of personality issues, the other welcomed and sought it. And that is really how it works. 

This is an awesome book which we actively and vehemently recommend.


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