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It Was You by Kim Hartfield


Boy likes girl. Boy is not so smart, girl is super-smart. Boy asks gay sister to help. Sister and girl get along like a house on fire in texts. Then girl meets girl.

It’s not an awfully original storyline, but not too long and well written.

Sam works in a coffee shop and likes his colleague, Judi. Judi is all sorts of great and Sam wants to ask her out. Though she’s given him her number without reservations, he wants to impress her with his smarts (of which he has a very short supply) so he asks his sister, Elle, to text Judi. Judi and Elle have a whole lot in common and their text chats are totally amazing for both of them. Except that when Judi talks to Sam in person it is an entirely different experience for her.

Elle is a librarian and has volunteered to be a part of the organising committee for the first ever Pride festival in their town. In the first meeting she is introduced to a super-cute girl and asks her out. The girl lets her down gently confessing that she’s crushing on someone else. In the second meeting for the festival, Elle realises she’s misheard the super-cute girl’s name as Julie. Said girl is brother Sam’s Judi who went on one date with him and is now totally out of him.

Inevitably, Elle and Judi start seeing each other and Elle never finds the right moment to confess the past. Obviously, it cannot be hidden forever nor can it end well.

This is the plot line of a romcom. There are plenty of moments and situations that are also romcom. But the emotional weight in the narrative makes it decidedly not a romcom.

Judi was instantly likeable and just grew in her likeable quotient. Elle started off likeable, veered into not-so-likeable (particularly in the Valentine conversation besides the whole keeping important facts hidden thing) and became likeable towards the end again.

This is an okay read, particularly because it is not too long.


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