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Lucky by Kris Bryant


This is a straightforward, unpretentious, heartwarming romance.

Serena Evans has had a tough life what with an unpredictable, mostly-disappearing alcoholic mother. As a result Serena had to give up her hope for higher studies and took on the responsibility of her baby sister working multiple jobs to provide for all three of them. Things worsened with a girlfriend who repeated cheated on her. Now free of her girlfriend and working in a bookshop with a boss from hell, every day is a struggle for Serena. On a whim she buys a lottery ticket with prize money of forty-two million and forgets about it. When the draw is announced, there’s a buzz that someone has won the money but no one knows who. Serena has forgotten that she had bought a ticket too and comes across her life-changing ticket when getting her clothes together for laundry.   

Gabrielle Barnes is an architect hoping to make partner in her entirely male-skewed organisation, Arnest & Max Architecture. Her decade of hardwork and efficiency is not unnoticed, but the senior partners announce that they’ll see the work of Gabrielle and Tom for six months before making their decision about which of them will make partner. Tom is given a plum project and Gabrielle is handed a mess made by someone else to sort out with a promise of getting the next big project that comes their way.

The next big project happens to be Serena’s Pet Posh Inn. Gabrielle is not exactly an animal person and rather unsuited for the project, but she got to make it rock, even when the client is all indecisive.

Serena is immediately appealing from the first time she makes an appreance in the book. She is written with such care taking into consideration her past and background that she becomes totally real. She is shy, somewhat under-confident and a little fragile. She is also kind, rather brave and definitely not a pushover. Something about Serena worms her into tender places of the heart and nurtures her there. You celebrate her every joy.

Gabrielle, carrying her own baggage and ambition, is also very real. She starts off pretty okay but as the relationship between her and Serena develops and progresses she becomes more and more likeable for all the massive effort she makes for love.

The chemistry between Serena and Gabrielle pulsates each time they are together. The sex scenes are super-hot. Loved them.

There are quite a group of secondary (and even tertiary) characters including wonderful friends (and some family), adorable dogs and one tiny scene-let with a super-cute kid.

We definitely recommend this one.     


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