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Nights of Lily Ann: Redemption of Carly by L. L. Shelton and T. A. Williams


Carly Hutch used to be a fisherman and a very good one at that. However, in her early twenties she developed an illness that left her blind within a year. Her gold digger of a girlfriend promptly left her. Now in her mid-twenties, Carly lives on her beloved boat, Feeling Desire, has a lifeline in her loyal friend Jewel Roberts, and has unusual friendships with a devoted pelican, Scully, and an equally devoted mouse, Cheddar.

Avery Johnson has lived her life being shuffled from one foster home to another. She's new in town and has taken up a job of running a mobile bait store. 

Lily Ann Bailey, oldest of four siblings, became responsible for her younger sister and two younger brothers when their parents died in an accident. To provide for her family, Lily Ann works as an 'escort' at nights in addition to a day job as a secretary in a law firm. She suspects her sister, Suzy, knows about her night job, but they don't speak about it.

These different lives intersect in this lovely book. 

The relationship between Carly and Avery is sweet and tender. It was beautiful the way Avery doesn't ever see Carly disability but treats her absolutely normally while ensuring she is sensitive and accommodating of the limitations. She flirts, she teases, she banters in ways that make us want to hug her. 

Carly is a likeable character. We liked that she hires an escort to bring someone into her world -- i. e. spend time blindfolded and experience the world as she does -- only to realise that her true feeling of fullness comes from what Avery gives her.

Lily Ann and her struggles with being responsible for her siblings are so empathiseable. We were warmed by the realness of the relationship between all four Baileys and their individual arcs.

Honesty and communication between all the characters was also one of the many plusses in this book. Another plus, not too much of drawn out angst.

 For what promises to be one more instalment, there is a developing relationship between Lily Ann and Jewel, who just happens to be Lily Ann's youngest brother, Bobby's teacher (Bobby's reaction on seeing his sister and teacher kiss -- “Eww! Teacher girl cooties!” -- totally cracked us up).

And the fierce friendship and protectiveness from a pelican and mouse? Yep, totally wishful and totally adorable.

The book is as much a romance as it is the story of a family. Shelton and Williams have created a soft, pleasant world in this ongoing peek into Lily Ann's life and we look forward to the next part.


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