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No Other Love by Jade Winters


Some synopses are just not accurate. The synopsis for this one makes it seem a much deeper relationship in the youth than it is in the book.

Amber is largely ignored by everyone in school and she hates it but Highschool Amber nurses a secret crush on classmate, Sophie. Not that they are actually friends or anything. Just classmates. The in one life-changing moment Sophie kisses Amber and the very next day onwards Sophie freezes out Amber. While Amber is still grappling with Sophie's behaviour, Sophie's parents divorce and she moves out of town. That is, she effectively disappears.

Ten years later, Amber owns a successful PR business in New York with a partner. There is a brief mention of a past relationship in which Amber doesn't sound like a likeable person. Sophie owns her own business in London and has just been dumped by her partner of five years. Circumstances find both women back in their home village and back in each other's orbit.

Before the two actually get together there are so many crossed stars that it actually feels like the universe is warning them against getting together. Given that they didn't have even one meaningful conversation in the past, the whole 'forever love' seems too superficial and made it really difficult to get into the relationship.

That is not the only superficial thing in the book. When they seem to be on the same page, Amber flies to London from New York, surprises Sophie (who just happens to be naked in bed) and before they say hello they are having sex, being interrupted by Sophie's ex and breaking up again. 

Even the last time when someone sets them up to enable them to talk to each other and they just get together -- totally unconvincing.

Both the ladies are fairly okay but their whole relationship absolutely doesn't work.

This one wasn't for us.


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