Breathless by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Short, sweet and sexy – we loved this book. Lara is a movie star whose career has crashed and burnt. She is in the throes o...

One Golden Summer by Clare Lydon and T. B. Markinson


This is a lightweight romance between trapped-by-unwanted-success-superstar and a wine shop owner in a quint beach town.

Forty-nine year old Kirsty McBride, divorced for seven years, owns a wine shop in Sandy Cove in partnership with her old friend, Helena. She has a fairly good relationship with her parents, though her mom is far from subtle about nudging Kirsty to find a partner. Her life is on an even keel. And her business could be expanding to include divorce parties. Kirsty has floated the idea to her new, posh, affluent, recently divorced customer, Ginger, who seems interested in such a party.

Saffron Oliver, star of a hit franchise, Girl Racer, has been acting since she was fifteen, is hugely famous (enough to command eight figure fees for a single movie) but practically burnt out and rather lost at just thirty-two. She wants time off and convinces her pushy agent to leave her alone for a month. Saffron plans to spend the month in Sandy Cove, where her sister, Ginger, has relocated to.

Saffron and Kirsty inevitably meet and are assigned by Ginger to work on her divorce party together. The two are attracted towards each other but carrying their own baggage which could well crush the budding relationship.

All the characters -- Kirsty, Ginger, Helena but mostly Saffron -- are immensely engaging. The dialogue fun and the atmosphere light. Lydon and Markinson are both solid writers so the narrative flows fluidity. So as a purely fluffy read, it ticks all boxes. 

We know that we're not supposed to overfeel something meant to be as lighthearted as this book, but we found Saffron intensely tragic. She keeps saying no one hears her or listens to her, and that is repeatedly proved true throughout the narrative. Also, she seems to be alone in almost all her relationships including with her sister and with Kirsty. She seems to be the only one reaching out, the only one trying to convince the other of her authenticity and the only one trying to make a relationship. Our heart really bled for her.

But our final take is that this is a very well paced, easy flowing, quick entertainer.


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